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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your cakes?
Each cake is individually priced based on complexity of design, fondant colours used and size of cake. Providing sufficient information when enquiring enables an accurate quote.

How much in advance should I order my cake?
Being a custom cake business I am limited to the number of cakes I make on a given day.
  • I endeavour to enjoy what I do and not for commercial purpose therefore, availability varies. To avoid disappointment give yourself at least a few weeks.

  • It is also largely dependant on your requirements. Fondant figurines and flowers require time to dry and set so orders must be confirmed at least two week in advance.

  • Obtaining a quote early also gives you an opportunity to shop around and make an informed and satisfied decision.

Sometimes I am able to oblige last minute orders though, so don't hesitate to make an enquiry.

Do you deliver?
Delivery is usually only available for wedding cakes. It's more cost effective for you to pick up the cake yourself.

What is your payment policy?
A 50% deposit is  required to confirm your order. Payment can be made in cash or direct deposit. Balance is due in cash on the day of pick up.

Is it possible to customise my order?
Surely I am more than happy to offer suggestions or accept specific requirements from you to customise your cake. Please feel free to email  me or call to discuss.

Are there minimum order requirements for cupcakes and macarons?
Yes, there is  minimum order requirement of twelve numbers for cupcakes and twenty four numbers or macarons. However, I'm happy to negotiate smaller numbers if you are purchasing a cake too.

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